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Wagyu Word

An update from a member of the current American Wagyu Association Board of Directors in order to help keep you abreast of association happenings.

Market Matters

An up close and personal approach to analyzing means to marketing Wagyu. From traditional methods to those who think outside the box, Wagyu World will outline different real world ways to marketing your Wagyu product.

Health and Husbandry

Everything you will need to know from the latest herd health developments to new more efficient feed stuffs. From the pasture, the feedlot, to the final product; this will cover any new scientific revelations and happenings that will make your job much easier and your animals happier and healthier.

Ranch Reach

A profile of a fellow Wagyu breeder; their background, history, cattle program, and what makes each breeder unique. This is a great way to highlight the breeders across the globe in order for us all to get to know them better.

Living Prime

Hot new and trending items to help keep you “living prime”; gift ideas, home décor, to new inventions designed to make ranch living easier. Each issue will hold fabulous finds you won’t want to miss.

Out and About

Highlighting the Wagyu community: the latest event coverage, upcoming events calendar, and reports from both shows and sales. This will also feature special reporting from large Wagyu industry events, all incorporated with highlights and photos for those who may have missed out.


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